The AYED Venue and Show Holding Body Code of Conduct.

The Show Holding Body/venue ( hereby confirms that all information contained in any entry form prepared for AYED, is true and correct and that the OC of the Show Holding Body is be bound by the Terms and Conditions of membership to SASJ as set out below:

  • The OC guarantees payment of all amounts owing by the OC in SASJ Levies and any other invoiced amount within 7 days of invoice.
  • The OC guarantees payment to all officials who did work at the show within 5 five days in accordance with the prescribed or advertised rates as the case may be.
  • The OC guarantees payment to all its service providers within 5 five days in accordance with the presented and related invoices as the case may be.
  • Should any outstanding amounts not be paid by either the OC ,the show venue or the club ,within 7 days after final any written demand of such payment, the club or show holding body, as the case may be will be placed in bad standing and all benefits to it and its participants and or members will cease.
  • Should the outstanding amounts still not be paid within 30 days of a final written demand, the club or show holding body could be deregistered from SASJ and future applications could be rejected
  • The OC undertakes to enter and run all their shows on the SASJ online system, including publishing the online programme for all competitions.
  • Right of Admission – The SHB does not have the right to refuse entry of a member that is in good standing with SASJ.
  • The OC agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations of the SASJ as are published on its websites from time to time as well as the guide lines of the AYED series.
  • The OC indemnifies SASJ and its parent provincial and national bodies, and its office bearers and officials against all damages, losses, charges, costs, and all other expenses and liability that may be incurred by any member, office-bearer or competitor due to an accident or any other incident that may occur during any equestrian or other activities that the OC is involved in
  • The OC will at all times ensure that proper and comprehensive insurances in place to cover all liabilities that may result from activities of the event.
  • The OC will always ensure that the correct Paramedics are at their event.
  • The OC will ensure that it has the necessary events/JOC permits in place when running events and supply the necessary permissions to the SASJ office when requesting activation of events.
  • The OC agrees to send updated information to SASJ and AYED should any of its details change, as soon as the change takes place.