About the A.Y.E.D. Concept.

                                    “ACHIEVE YOUR EQUESTRIAN DREAM

This initiative was developed by Russell Potgieter

                  THIS SERIES WILL :

  •  take place annually in the appropriately suitable at show holding bodies throughout Gauteng.
  •  include 12 monthly League events which will be hosted over a period of one year and which will offer lower entry fees and higher prize money and than what is currently seen in the industry.
  • host sponsored events.
  • offer a structured, non-obtrusive development system which will encourage equestrian learning and improvement and which will allow competitors an appropriate opportunity to gain valuable knowledge to systematically develop and enhance as riders.
  • include the services of only F.E.I. recognized Course Designers who are guaranteed to provide and ensure a high-quality creation of both tracks and events. These tracks will include a detailed hard copy of the course plan and which will show both the recommended lines, distances as well as the intended number of strides between the related obstacles.

                      In addition to the above : 

  • Will be ideal for the young horse or rider who are starting their competition careers, as the style and nature of the events will be progressively modified, so as to ensure that all participants will be ready to move up a level by the end of the season.
  • Will offer additional benefits for officials, trainers and parents.
  • Will ensure that all participants have access to a support system which will provide an up-to-date record of their status within the league.
  • Will insist that all results are published within 24 hours of the event.

AYED has been allocated 12 show dates for 2021

The above dates will consist of: “ACHIEVE MY EQUESTRIAN DREAM” series events.


This series will be hosted at various show holding bodies on a regular monthly basis for “Pony Rider, Junior and Adult” registered and recreational riders.

All competitors will earn points based on their results in every event that they have competed in.

These points will be logged into an online system which will be available soon after the event.

The running total and current position of each riders ranking will be available on this web site.

Competitors who are registered with any other club may take part in this series.

New North Equestrian Club is the hosting club of this concept.


  • a forum for all related officials to gain valuable mileage, whilst working under more senior officials.
  • Rider recognition.
  • the opportunity to compete over show jumping tracks, built on good quality, internationally recognized surface, designed to keep horses feeling better,for longer.
  • a series of events which will take place over series of carefully styled showjumping tracks designed to get the best out of each competitor and to promote both confidence and the development of the horse and rider skill sets , to move to the next level.
  • an encouraging and defined timeline for goal achievement and advancement.
  • a forum to encourage correct riding, jumping, horsemanship and competition skills.
  • an opportunity to attend regular Show Jumping and other Equestrian  education Workshops and Clinic’s , hosted by top-end show jumpers, dressage riders and trainers regularly before each “Achieve your Equestrian Dream” league show date.
  • tailored competitions under F.E.I. rules.
  • a forum which will allow levels from 0.70 cm to 1.35m to enjoy 2 different and exciting competitions.
  • each event will host 2 competitions per height/ level from 0.70cm to 1.35m.
  • an opportunity for all entrants to perform at their best, in a structured competitive equestrian “goal setting” environment.

Our philosophy is:

if you have a suitably competent horse,

have the basic show jumping, dressage skills,

enter one of our events, you will be considered as a contender.

The benefits derived can make you a better performer, the recognition of which can be enjoyed by all.

How do I benefit as a rider?

  • Lower entry fees.
  • Higher prize money.
  • Sponsored events.
  • Regular shows which guarantee appropriate and correct course design techniques which will allow a planned approach to the proper production of both horse and rider and to encourage confidence .
  • Open dialogue with the Course Designer.
  • A rider and horse performance log which will allow a comparison of the performance of all contenders.
  • Regular workshops and clinics, designed to enhance performance prospects.
  • A neutral support group of senior showjumping experts who will be able to facilitate, discuss and answer all equestrian training and riding issues and assist in providing possible answers and reasons behind the matters of concern-on an appropriate internet-based forum.