Code of Conduct .


  1. AYED expects all participants in this league:
    • To always accept that the welfare of the horse as being paramount.
    • To adhere to all the conditions contained hereinafter in this Code of Conduct.
  2. All participants will ensure that when they participate at any affiliated League SHOWS they display sportsmanship and good behaviour in accordance with the standards which are reasonably acceptable in equestrian sport or otherwise as determined by the League managers from time to time.
  3. Any member (including a custodian member) who assists any other member in any capacity or in any way at a League SHOW is deemed to be participating at such show for the purpose hereof.
  4. AYED will respond to any complaint regarding controls in order that all persons and bodies under its jurisdiction respect the welfare of the horse.
  5. AYED will only associate themselves with approved show holding  bodies who are prepared to uphold the standards expected of the management .
  6. All current national and international rules and regulations in equestrian sport regarding the health and welfare of the horse should always be adhered to, not only during events but also in training.
  7. No member will conduct themselves at or in relation to, any equestrian event, occasion, matter or facility, or in respect of any officer, official or employee of the venue in a manner which brings equestrian sport, AYED, the show organizer or anybody or committee into disrepute.
  8. The Welfare of the horse must take precedence over all other demands, including the needs and demands of breeders, trainers, riders, owners, dealers, organisers, sponsors or officials at any stage during the preparation and training or competing of the
    • This includes:
    • Good horse management,
    • Correct and good training methods,
    • Correct farrier efforts,
    • Correctly fitting tack,
    • Safe transportation to and from the event.
    • All handling and veterinary treatment of horses should ensure the health and welfare of the horse.

7.1 The fitness and competence of the horse and rider will be regarded as essential in the interest of the horse.

7.1.1 This encompasses the use of medication of both horse and rider.

7.1.2 The misuse of aids.

7.1.3  Or any other activity that threatens the welfare or safety of the horse.

7.2 Emphasis should be placed on increasing education in training methods and techniques in equestrian practices

7.3 All riding and training methods should take account of the horse as a living entity and should not include any technique considered by the FEI to be abusive.

7.4  The Event organizers shall make every effort to ensure adequate conditions of the competition areas, ground surfaces, stabling, site safety.